View Full Version : Our June Meeting will Be...June 11th @ 7pm

Ed Hahn
06-02-2004, 12:28 AM
Rod Harrington will be hosting the June Meeting. Rod is talking about having his pool ready and sharing his house tank his humongous Big Screen for one of the new tapes we got from IMAC. Bring your frags, I will attempt to get more Mysis shrimp, If you have extra equipment bring it to trade. I will get more information ASAP.:)

Ed Hahn
06-07-2004, 01:26 PM
Time is getting close for another meeting. We will Do a Eric Borneman Video this Week end At Rod Harringtons house. We will look at the new additions to Rods 180 acrylic tank.
We may even promote putting Rods Big Daddy Tank together. I look forward to seeing you all this weekend. The invitation is open to all that would like to visit. Frag trading, equipment trading, maybe some more Mysis Shrimp, smiles, drinks and defininity another good time. We will be making arrangement to go to Spokane the following nite for Spokane Reef Club meeting.
I will see if I can pick up the R0/DI unit and TDS meter I was offered. I will also bring the refractometer for those that want to test their hydrometer.
This has been a terrific year!
See you there!

Ed Hahn
06-11-2004, 08:37 AM
Hey, Its FRIDAY!
By now you should be on your way to Rods house. What the hell are you doiing there? Don't ya want some free frags? Don't give me that guff! You better get your little red wagon going Buddy! Did you remember Potluck? Your Hydrometer? YOUR extra equipment? I still have those Ocean Currents Valves. Maybe I should have had Mojo sign them or something?
Les is going to bring a Mag 9.5 to sell. It has never been used.
I am sure Rico is going to bring some frags. I am thinking about getting rid of a medium sized rock full of regular Zoos. It weighs about 4 pounds and is completely covered with medium sized Zoos and lots of feather dusters. Lots meaning about 4 plus worms.
The drinks are Free, The smiles are damn welcome! The hobby is shared. The Pool is a Heated. The Food is coming. I wish you all were there!

Life is a Highway........I want to ride it all night long!