View Full Version : Suggestions on lighting needed, Please

11-26-2009, 05:02 AM
Ok, so I have a 155g reef. 48" long. Lighting is 2 400w MH retro kits (mogul). One on each side of the canopy with the middle void of anything.

Ive tried different bulbs on this tank but cant seem to get the desired look. So, I was thinking and what Ive read people doing is adding actinics. How do I do this with such a short space? Do I buy retro T5s and if so, where would I put them being as I only have 12" side to side and 18" from front to back to work with because of the reflectors of the MH. I screwed down the reflectors to more or less get them out of the way, they still throw light really well. Only screwed down the two sides meeting each other in the middle, so this will be how I may have room to put actinics. When people use T5 retros, is this more forgiving than using fixtures in that you can use any length bulb by just putting the end parts for the lights in or out as long as you need them for whatever wattage bulb wanted to use?

Or, could a suggestion be made as to what MH bulb I could use that wont throw too much blue or too little? Im running these bulbs off of Coralvue ballasts, if that makes a difference.

Thought about putting a 150w MH in the middle of the 2 400w and use a 20k bulb, but that would be 950w of light on a 155g. This tank is a deep one....31.5" deep. Too much light to go with a 150w in the middle?

I dont know, thats why I am here asking....Please advise??? =)


11-26-2009, 10:38 AM
I am a big fan of VHO actinics and that is what I use on my tank to get the desired balance of color.
The bulbs used to be made in 46" lenght. Haven't bought that size in a while, but I'm sure they can be found in a retro pack from places like hellolights.com