View Full Version : PNWMAC- calling all Vendors, Area Group Leaders, and Paricipants wanted.

Ed Hahn
11-06-2004, 11:59 AM
The time is now to start planning for the get together. So far we are talking about having the meeting on the weekend of August 20th or 21st, 2005. Again, I am asking all that helped previously to help again if possible. We have more time to plan. Kevin spoke with me yesterday about a larger vender wanting to buy a booth. That is just it... If we have larger vendors buying a place to display items that brings in more people and helps us out on the cost of having this meeting. We all have cheaper tickets. You hopefully get a deal on something that you usually wouldn't and we all walk away happy. There is a big chance we can use the auditorium again for presentations. If we do get the auditorium, it will be free of charge for us to use it. I think anything that is "free", is a BIG plus. We will figure in the cost of Anthony Calfos travel, stay, etc. The cost of Terry B. is being considered. I hope to see Ryan Gent again. We will also consider the cost of a feed, corals to be auctioned, and a place to have the coral auction.
We have to look at last years costs. I have a print out of last years meeting thanks to last years PNWMAC Treasurer, Barbi. I talked to Rico a while back. He and his fiance(Barbi) are working on getting a package with a local motel and a catering service. I think we all want things to be as cheap as possible with the best service. We are talking about having a family price ticket and a single ticket. We are wanting this to be as reasonable as possible for all. Our hopes of building a large get together each year depends on how much everyone participates. Others and myself have gotten some great deals by communicating with one another. We have learned together as friends, hopefully bridged that gap in communication, and we have sometimes shared our growth with others in hopes of them flourishing too. Again, I ask those that contributed last year I hope you can make it again. The need for a solid foundation and proper planning is now. I heard there was a large meeting in the West years ago. People traveled from afar to see different ways of improving, finding deals, to learn new things, or just share their art of hobby. Please help out by building a relationship with other people that enjoy this hobby as much as you. I feel people admire others because they like learning and sharing experiences in hopes of doing things better in the future.
Lets think about that. I think of this hobby as a art! People like to show off art. We most likely enjoy saltwater, to see new corals or possibly buy them. We like to get good deals on corals, how to grow certain corals, and/or equipment dealing with this hobby. We have vendors in the state and out of state that want people to know they are here. I am asking for your help. The need to form a group of participants from each area to communicate in hopes of meeting once a year in the North West is now. I thank Reef Frontiers for giving us the ability to communicate openly on here.