View Full Version : Best HoB skimmer or external.

04-10-2010, 05:31 PM
My space is very limited with my 40 gallon, i can only put a 10 gallon in the stand for the sump. I'm looking for a great innexpensive skimmer that can hang-on or i can plumb beside the tank. As a hang on it would have to hang on the sump as i want nothing hanging off the tank. I currently have a AquaC Remora Pro with a mag 3 hanging off of the 10 gallon but i'm thoroughly dissapointed with it's performance at this point, and it's a microbubble nightmare.

Thanks :)

04-10-2010, 06:49 PM
SWC 120 cone will fit in that sump easily...
it's footprint is:
7x6x18 and costs $225 ....great skimmer for 40g.

04-12-2010, 08:31 AM
The Bermuda Aquatics hang-on is pretty effective as well.