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07-27-2011, 11:59 PM
Hello all,

I have a 220 gallon aqauirum that has a broken cross piece that runs accross the top of the tank. Is this a probelm ( the previous owner had water in it and it seemed ok) or should I get it fixed and if so, anyone know how or who can fix it? I'm thinking I can superglue another piece of glass on it but what do I know about structural integrity of glass tanks!? LOL! Thanks everyone.:fish2:

07-28-2011, 12:34 AM
I, personally, have a 100G tank. It is 3/8" thick non-tempered glass. My dimensions are 60"x24"x16". I noticed when I bought it that there was no brace at the top. So.... I took a 1/2" thick piece of non-tempered glass that is atleast 1/3 the width of the tank and siliconed it just under the top of the tanks trim. I suggest using a piece that is atleast 1/8"-1/4" thicker than your tanks glass or acrylic. Till this day I have no reason to suspect a blow out. I would suggest doing the same as most OEM plastic braces will warp and fatigue over time. Acrylic would be the same way.

07-28-2011, 06:31 AM
If you have a clean break and you want to fix it, Weldon #40 (2 part) will glue any plastic to itself or another plastic very permanently.

07-28-2011, 10:28 PM
Thank you! The last thing I want is to hear a small exsplosion in the middle of the night and look to find a pool in myliving room! I will clean up the edges and place a 3/8 inch thick piece of tempered accross the gap. Thanks for the responses, appreciated.