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03-24-2005, 05:03 AM
I have a 40 tall i am setting up. two weeks now in process.
I built a sump/fuge in a 20 long and have that set up under it, First attempt at this type of set up. I just purchased a 250 watt halide and hung it 20" above the 40.. Because this set up is new I have a couple concerns, In the fuge area I have 20 LS and 12lbs LR , in the display tank I have 40 lbs LS,
Is that enough to cycle this tank? Is the halide to high? Should I be skimming yet? I have a new cyclone skimmer on the way but I could hook up my old one right now,
please any suggestions would help

big t
03-24-2005, 05:15 AM
Hey there, Welcome!

Well I think that you have plenty of rock and sand to get your tank cycled. Your light is pretty high, 8 to 12" is pretty normal. It won't hurt anything at this point tho. You can skim now if you want to, that would be a good thing. Now for some advice, on the cyclone skimmer... is this a seaclone? Send it back, junk that you don't want :D Just trying to save ya a little money there. You found the right place here, we will get you all hooked up.

So what are you planning on keeping in there? Sounds by your lights that you would like some SPS? Do you have a sump, is that where you have your fuge?

03-25-2005, 08:06 AM
Thanks for welcoming me,,,
Oh no the seaclone is garbage eh! I ordered it from e bay..no turning back now. I have another one I just thought it was old school and im trying not to cut any corners, I built my own sump/refugium after 3 months of research, It appears to be working great. Diatoms have started.
Let me explain my set up.
I have a 40 tall, below is the 20 long with a sump area,2 sets of baffles and a fuge area, in the fuge the water movement is about half of the water movement in the sump, i acomplished this by drilling holes thru the devider until the rate seemed ok.the fuge is lite 24/7 by 1 acidic and 1 10k flourecent tube 30" fits right on top. The 40 has a overflow box with a syphon u pipe and a 2" hose feeding the sump, I have a rio 2100 pumping the water back up to the 40.
I also have a closed loop system for water movement made from 1/2 pvc and its run by a mag drive #7 the water movement is excellent, the heater is in the sump area and appears to be doing good, holding it at 79.8 and I left it there because I believe once the light is enclosed it will heat up a little.I already have a 30 gallon with a 24 hour coralife hood, with the moon light acidics and such... I plan on taking that hood appart and mounting the fixtures to get the acidics on the 40 gallon to go along with the 250 watt halide mouted up there, ill drop it down as you said ( thanks) eventually all my livestock will be transfered over to the 40 from my old 30. some sun polyps, xenia, a sea sponge is growing on one of the rocks, two clowns,not allot of life because ive been working on this new tank. Im going to replace the rio 2100 today it is old and making allot of noise, im going to get another mag drive I think they are very quiet.
The two rocks in the fuge are growing some sort of algae green round leaves, it was on the rocks when i bought them and they love the light.
Would water from my already stable tank help this tank cycle.?
What kind of skimmer should i look at?
in the sump area should I have some live rock rubble in there also?

I apreciate all your guys help. I love my reef and cant seem to learn enough....