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04-21-2005, 07:47 AM
Hey anybody, what's the latest on the meeting in August? Trying to make some plans, could you help me out?


Ed Hahn
04-22-2005, 02:32 PM
There is more talk about this tonight at my house. I will give you more after tonight. I wish you were with us tonight Charlie.
Talk to you soon,

Ed Hahn
04-23-2005, 02:34 AM
Ticket Prices in Advance for August 5th week end meeting will be 30 dollars per person. Ticket prices in advance for family will be 35 dollars. Ticket prices at the door will be a little more.
I heard a comfirmation of Anthony Calfo for August 5th week end. Terry Bartelme has communicated with me and said he took time off work for this event also to make this event and speak. Dr Adelaide Rhoads has talked of making the trip also.
I have twenty rooms reserved about 200 yards from Battelle Auditorium, The cost of those rooms are 55 dollars per night. Those are non smoking rooms, I was told if you did have to smoke, that you could smoke on the balcony of your room by Manager. The Battelle User Housing Facility rooms are close to Battelle Auditorium. They have to be reserved by mid July for the discount and availability or they will be rented out. If those rooms fill up fast, we maybe able to get a few more. You can contact me for those rooms. We also have 20 rooms reserved at Hotel with Pool for 79 dollars per night in Kennewick. I will give you more information later about location in Kennewick. There is a convention going on at the same time in Tri-Cities, this will cause a shortage of rooms in Tri-Cities. The positive note is that we should not have the road contruction problems we had first year.
Again, Motels may become scarce, you may want to get rooms fast. Rico is setting up a Pay Pal account for tickets for event. We are wanting to give rewards to first ticket buyers, we talked of giving frags to a number of first ticket buyers.

Again the plain is to have a Social on Friday night
Saturday morning meet for Breakfast at Henrys, discuss tank tour and hand out maps, do the tank tour, get a hour break for Lectures, then do lectures at Battelle Auditorium, do coral auction, A meal will be catered to ticket holders on Saturday. We would like to have a raffle if Saltwater stores would like to donate items. We would like to see what vendors would like to display..

We would like to establish contacts in Seattle and Spokane and etc for distribution of Meeting tickets.

We have a little bit more experience this year. We have a lot more time to prepare. Thanks for those that have taken time to help this meeting work out.
Ed Hahn :)