View Full Version : Grandma and Grandpa go to Saltwater Club Meeting..

Ed Hahn
07-11-2005, 10:05 PM
This one time I took my Grandma and Grandpa to a Saltwater Club meeting. We were late so Grandpa hit the gas trying to break the time warp. Out of nowhere came Mister State Patrol with his red lights going. Grandma is always telling Grandpa how to drive..go figure..She was ripping him a new one by now.
Ok, So GrandPa pulls over like he should..still getting a ear full from Grandma.
Trooper comes to window. Trooper says "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Grandpa just shakes his head (like he is trying to pull a smooth one).
Trooper says "Because you were Speeding" Grandma perks up "What did he say?" Grandpa says "He says we were Speeding" Trooper says " I need your drivers license and registration" Grandpa obliges and gives Trooper his DL and Registration. Trooper starts chuckling. Trooper says "I see you are from Illinois"? I went to Illinois once. The worst date I ever had was in Illinois. Grandma perks up "What did he say?" Grandpa says "He thinks he knows you"

hope to meet you at Next Club Meeting @Phillip and Zuls House Saturday, July 23 @7pm in Richland
Pm me if you need help finding it.
:) Ed