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    by Published on 08-07-2014 08:02 AM

    Mike (Herefishyfishy)

    Tank Size
    180 AGA

    Triple fixtures OBD LEDs

    Skimz Skimmer, refugium, carbon and phosphate reactors, and ozone

    Live Stock
    Tomini Tang, aka flamefin, purple tang, Longnosed Hawk, Multiple pairs breeding clowns, three assorted blue damsels, Yellow watchman goby, Diamond goby with a very large pair of pistol shrimp, spawning pair third generation Bangaii Cardinalfish, Large Mystery wrasse, Possum Wrasse, Coral Beauty Angel, ...
    by Published on 06-01-2014 10:55 AM
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    Its been a long time coming and well deserved. Congratulations to Reefman069 on being the Reef Frontiers Featured Tank.

    Hello. My name is Chad Doane "Reefman069". I have to start out with saying thank you for letting me have tank of the month. This means a lot to me. I have put lots of time and money into my reef tank to get it to this point.

    I started this hobby with a freshwater tank about 18 years ago. One day my buddy Steve invited me over to his friend Doug's house. As I walked into his house he had a saltwater ...

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