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    We've all experienced them at some point or the other and if we haven't yet, un-fortunately at some point in time we probably will. Knowing and understanding diatoms beforehand, will make you better prepared and equipped to deal with them than you going through a state of panic at the first signs of them popping up in your tank ...

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    Arrivals 1/21 - 1/25

    Thread Starter: barrierreefcf

    Barrier Reef has at least four shipments arriving this week. Vietnam Corals arrived Monday. Boutique Coral and two Mixed Wholesale arrived Tuesday.

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    Thread Starter: Premiumaq

    In Today's video, we take a look at the NYOS TORQ Reactors, which are available at Premium Aquatics.

    NYOS TORQ media reactors:

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    Arrivals 1/14 - 1/19

    Thread Starter: barrierreefcf

    Barrier Reef has a bunch of new shipments arriving this week. Mixed Wholesale, ORA Captive Bred Fish/Coral, Feeder Shrimp, and Indo Fish/Inverts are all planned. Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Tuesday...

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