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    We've all experienced them at some point or the other and if we haven't yet, un-fortunately at some point in time we probably will. Knowing and understanding diatoms beforehand, will make you better prepared and equipped to deal with them than you going through a state of panic at the first signs of them popping up in your tank ...
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    The following article explains to new Reef Tank members a look at the process of cycling of a new tank or the recycling of an older system. It also describes the nitrogen process and how it works, what to look for after the "cycle" has completed, and more importantly for us reefers when it is safe to add livestock, corals, and/or invertebrates.

    In this article:
    • How to start the cycle
    • How the Nitrogen process works
    • What to looking after the cycle occurs
    • When can I add livestock, corals, etc.
    • The Moron Cycle


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