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  • June's Member of the Month: Darryl (DTech07)

    Join me in congratulating Darryl (DTech07) in becoming the Member of the Month for June.

    About me

    I truly enjoy this hobby and the challenges involved with it, and helping others to grow in the awareness of their tanks.

    Involved in Hobby

    A good friend suggested I start a saltwater tank and assisted me in attaining the needed equipment. Funny it was the greatest mistake but most helpful one since I started. I was told by a LFS (3yrs ago) that I could use the existing water from my freshwater tank to start my saltwater tank. After that mistake I realized that doing the needed research and asking question were always needed to succeed with a saltwater tank.

    My tank

    90% SPS, 8% LPS, 2% zoa, clams, NPS
    75 gallon main display, 55 gallon refugium, 60 gallon frag/storage tank. 10 gallon QT
    AquaMaxx Ca Reactor, Sulfur-Denitrater, Bio-Pellet Reactor, UV Sterilizer, MP water pumps, AquaMaxx EM 300 Skimmer, Apex full system, Tunze ATO, OBD 4 pod LEDs, etc..

    Got involed with RF

    I can't remember exactly but I know it was by word of mouth meaning I'm not sure if it was while at a LFS or a fellow hobbyist that told me about RF but came and haven't left yet.


    My philosophy is don't recreate the wheel and look to the patterns around you to understand how to balance your environment. Use the ocean and forestry as examples on how things grow and what they need. Also Husbandry, Husbandry, Husbandry, but be smart and make your tank live for you not the other way around.


    Make your tank YOURS, meaning be original. If you love softies then grow and maintain them to your best to bring out the best and the same for sps, lps, or fish only but don't let people scare you way from it because they have fear of doing it. Do the needed reading and research, ask the question to those who will answer back in a balance non-bias way, then go for it. Even if you make a major mistake own it, learn from it and then improve on it. Also learn to be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE aquarist this will teach you things you wouldn't of learned if your always reacting. Lastly ENJOY YOUR TANK! That's why most of us started into this hobby not for the money or fame but because of the beautiful world we get to keep in our homes.

    Tank Pics
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    1. Scooterman's Avatar
      Scooterman -
      Very nice write up and beautiful little/big tanks, well deserved congrats!
    1. IPisces's Avatar
      IPisces -
      Wow. Great Philosophy and thanks for all the great advise. You've been an asset to this reefing community. Much deserved recognition.
    1. NC2WA's Avatar
      NC2WA -

      Congrats!!! Keep up the good work.
    1. zachrabbit15's Avatar
      zachrabbit15 -
      Awsome tank, congradulations on being picked!!
    1. stylaster's Avatar
      stylaster -
      Nice job man I gotta get up there and see it
    1. Coralczy's Avatar
      Coralczy -
      Congrats Darryl. I to need to make the drive north and see your tank and have you show me around in the area.
    1. nata's Avatar
      nata -
      Congratulations!!!beautiful tank,corals and beautiful are doing it right!!!!Can't wait to see it in the future ..I believe you will do magic..
    1. DTECH07's Avatar
      DTECH07 -
      I appreciate the votes of my peers and being seen as a asset to this hobby and the Reefing community. Each one of you have added to my reef in one way or another so please let me say Thank You and Take Care.
    1. mytshall's Avatar
      mytshall -
      Congrats, nice work there
    1. Derbird's Avatar
      Derbird -
      Congradulations Darryl You have a amazing system and I love the advice section in your article, very well written.
    1. Scooterman's Avatar
      Scooterman -
      Darryl, don't forget to hit me up for the $50 store credit at OBD, just PM me.
    1. DTECH07's Avatar
      DTECH07 -
      I appreciate that Mytshall and Derbird and Scooterman I'll send you a PM. Thanks again RF
    1. Scooterman's Avatar
      Scooterman -
      Bump to test page showing up
    1. trido's Avatar
      trido -
      Nice job Darryl. Great advice that some of us forget.
    1. kimberlee1's Avatar
      kimberlee1 -
      Very cool, congrats
    1. TJL's Avatar
      TJL -
      CONGRATS! Darryl, well deserved and thank you for being such an asset to our Reefing Community.

      Cheers, Todd
    1. Krish's Avatar
      Krish -

      Sent from my iPad Mini using Tapatalk
    1. DTECH07's Avatar
      DTECH07 -
      Thank can't wait till the frag swap going to being in some goodies.
    1. rainydave's Avatar
      rainydave -
      Congratulations. Very nice tank!
    1. Tuku4u's Avatar
      Tuku4u -
      CONGRATS Brother!!!
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