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  • June 2014 TOTM

    Its been a long time coming and well deserved. Congratulations to Reefman069 on being the Reef Frontiers Featured Tank.

    Hello. My name is Chad Doane "Reefman069". I have to start out with saying thank you for letting me have tank of the month. This means a lot to me. I have put lots of time and money into my reef tank to get it to this point.


    I started this hobby with a freshwater tank about 18 years ago. One day my buddy Steve invited me over to his friend Doug's house. As I walked into his house he had a saltwater tank. I was hooked. I stared at his tank for a few hours until the lights turned off. I asked if he could turn them back on because I wasn't done looking at his tank. He said no. The tank is on a light cycle. You will have to come over another day. Well that is what I did. I was over to his house the next day. I couldn't stop looking at his saltwater tank. I loved how the corals moved around with the current. The colors of the fish and corals were mind blowing. At that moment I knew it was all over for my freshwater tank. Do have to say it was very hard for me to give up my pets in that tank, As I grew attached to them. One day I decided to tear it down and turn it into a reef tank. I am so happy that I did.


    My first saltwater tank was a 44 gallon corner tank. It was a good starter tank, but as we all grow in this hobby. We get bigger and bigger tanks. I started going over to peoples houses to buy coral. Some of these people had huge tanks. I remember going to Dangs restaurant and getting lunch and looking at his beautiful tank while you eat lunch. As you eat you could pick out coral frags to buy. It was very cool. Very good Thia food and I would come home with some sweet coral frags. I would tell those people with huge tanks that I wanted a big tank. They all told me that in time it would happen. Well it did. I then bought a 125 gallon tank. Then a 160 gallon tank. One day a buddy and I were talking about building a 8 foot by 4 foot tank. It sounded like a great idea until I found out how much acrylic coast. Wow acrylic is very expensive. So that idea got shut down. A few years went by. I get a phone call from a buddy Adam. He said I have a friend that has a big tank for sale. He sent me a picture of it. I couldn't believe it. It was my dream tank that I wanted to build. So I jumped on it. The tank is made out of 3/4 thick acrylic. It is 8 feet long by 4 feet wide and 19 inches tall. It has a center overflow. A whole whopping 360 gallons. What are the odds of a tank the same size of the one I wanted to build would come up for sale. I guess I am very lucky. I have always wanted a tank that has 360 degree viewing.
    I started building the stand and hood in March 2012. I really enjoyed the building part of the tank. The more I would think about it, the more changes I would come up with. I thought this out for a long time to get all my ideas down.


    My favorite part of this build would have to be a toss-up between the plumbing and the rock work. The plumbing was a challenge. I have two mag drive 18's for my return pumps, and 3 amp master 3000's for my closed loops. One of the closed loops is running an ocean motion. I have plumbing going everywhere. lol.

    When i got into the hobby, the rock work looked like I dropped it into the tank and where it landed is where it stayed. As the years went by. I learned to set rock into the place I wanted it. I made some really cool caves for my fish to swim in and out of. I am pretty proud of my rock work. It is like a puzzle. Just takes time to get it all together.


    Equipment list. Lighting I am running four ReefKoi Evolution Evo 200's. Two flood light led's with blue and white led chips. I am running one 20 watt flood light led on my sump and two of them on my refugium. I have two kinds of moon light led's. When the first moon light turns off my Apex neptune controller turns on my luner simulator moon lights that sumulate the moon. I am running two Jebao wp 40's. Two Sea Swirls on my return lines. I am using a kalk stirrer.
    Filtration. I am running a SWC 250 skimmer. That is in my sump with a phosguard and carbon reactor. In my refugium I have a few kinds of micro algae to keep phosphates down. I have three pumps in my sump and refugium to help get rid of detritus.



    Temp control. I have a Jbj true temp controller and an 800 watt titanium heater. I have many fans that my Apex controller turns on and off to keep my tank at 78 degrees. I have a Jbj auto top off.


    Live stock. As many of you know, I love my tangs. I have 9 of them in this tank. The king of the tank is my clown tang. He is the boss. I have a desjardini sailfin tang. A male and female naso tangs. A blue hippo tang. Two yellow tangs. A velvet tang, and a tennent tang, also known as a vampire tang. He gets that name because of his tail looks like vampire teeth. I have a super nice pair of black ice snowflake clowns, 1 banana wrasse, 1 sixline wrasse, 1 lawnmower blenny, 3 green chromis, 1 flame hawkfish, 3 anthias, 1 sunburst anthias, 1 copperband butterfly, 1 royal gramma, 1 green mandarinfish, 2 orange spotted gobies, 1 signal goby, 1 tiger sleeper goby, 1 fire goby, 2 cleaner shrimp and 1 coral banded shrimp.

    My favorite fish are tangs. It is hard to just pick one. If I had to pick one, It would be my clown tang. Love his bright colors.


    Corals. I have lots of LPS and soft corals. Lots of mushrooms, and zoanthids. My newest addiction is rock anemones and mini maxi anemones. I have lots of them. I have 4 to 5 kinds of leathers. Also a few different kinds of frogspawn, torches, hammers, and wall hammers. Two kinds of Duncans. A few sun corals and a few dendro's. A few kinds of monti caps and encrusting monti's.
    My favorite coral would be LPS. Frogspawn, hammers, and torches. I like the bright colors and how they sway in the current.



    Dosing and schedule. I do a 50 gallon water change every two weeks. I dose acropower every monday. I dose kalk every day. I dose phosguard and carbon every day.


    Feeding fish and corals. I feed my fish every day and sometimes twice a day. I feed them a blend of brine shrimp, flake food, pellets, and feed two sheets of dried algae a day for my tangs. I feed my corals cyclop-eeze every two to four days.


    I want to thank all you guys and gals that I have met in this hobby. Very nice group of people. Also a huge thank you to Dang. Thank you for stopping by and taking super awesome pictures. A big thank you to Reef Frontiers for tank of the month.

    To those who would like to come view my reef tanks. There is a $10 viewing fee to enter. LOL. Just kidding. It is free to view. Just let me know when you would like to come over.


    Also I have just built a cold saltwater marine tank. Come check it out.

    Thank You
    Chad Doane

    Check out Reefman069's build thread http://www.reeffrontiers.com/threads...ild?highlight=
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    1. Scooterman's Avatar
      Scooterman -
      WOW beautiful, well worth TOM! Congrats!
    1. farid2544's Avatar
      farid2544 -
      +1 on scooterman's comments. The clown tang definitely looks like the jewel in the crown
    1. seedlessinseattle's Avatar
      seedlessinseattle -
      Congrats Chad well deserved
    1. mfinn's Avatar
      mfinn -
      This is truly a awesome tank.
      Congrats Chad
    1. NanaReefer's Avatar
      NanaReefer -
      Quote Originally Posted by IPisces View Post
      This link takes me to a thread from 2003?

      Sent from my iPhone 4s via Tapatalk.
    1. reefman069's Avatar
      reefman069 -
      Thank you guys and gals. this does mean a lot to me. Thank you for all the kind words. Thank you Lori for putting this all together
    1. 1guydude's Avatar
      1guydude -
      Congrats ! Very nice tank sir.
      U THE MAN!
    1. IPisces's Avatar
      IPisces -
      thats odd nana, it takes me to the correct thread.

      You are welcome, but you did most all of the work Chad. And a beautiful job of it at that!. Tank is awesome!
    1. itche_scratche's Avatar
      itche_scratche -
      Wow beautiful tank.
    1. N1Husker's Avatar
      N1Husker -
      Congrats Chad, beautiful tank.
    1. tike's Avatar
      tike -
      Dude! Your the man! Nice setup and well deserved!
    1. ak_reefer's Avatar
      ak_reefer -
      Congrats Chad thatbad boy is awesome!

      Sent from my SGH-T779 using Tapatalk
    1. rainydave's Avatar
      rainydave -
      Beautiful tank. Congatulations!
    1. stylaster's Avatar
      stylaster -
      Very sweet tank, when you going to turn it into coldwater system?
    1. tamarindthai's Avatar
      tamarindthai -
      Chad ,,you did the great job,,beautiful tank and kept them all grow and healthy,,,,cheer and congratulation.
    1. reefman069's Avatar
      reefman069 -
      Quote Originally Posted by stylaster View Post
      Very sweet tank, when you going to turn it into coldwater system?
      oh man this tank will never be a cold water tank. i have a 95 gallon tank that is being buffed out right now for my cold water tank
    1. reefman069's Avatar
      reefman069 -
      Quote Originally Posted by tamarindthai View Post
      Chad ,,you did the great job,,beautiful tank and kept them all grow and healthy,,,,cheer and congratulation.
      thank you Dang for taking the super nice pictures. if i didn't have you to take the pictures i would have never got tank of the month.
    1. kpiotrowski's Avatar
      kpiotrowski -
      Congrats my friend! This is a must see in person!
    1. reefman069's Avatar
      reefman069 -
      Hey thank you Kevin. im super stoked about this
    1. Herefishyfishy's Avatar
      Herefishyfishy -
      WOW, what an amazing display!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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