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  • TOTM August 2014

    Mike (Herefishyfishy)

    Tank Size
    180 AGA

    Triple fixtures OBD LEDs

    Skimz Skimmer, refugium, carbon and phosphate reactors, and ozone

    Live Stock
    Tomini Tang, aka flamefin, purple tang, Longnosed Hawk, Multiple pairs breeding clowns, three assorted blue damsels, Yellow watchman goby, Diamond goby with a very large pair of pistol shrimp, spawning pair third generation Bangaii Cardinalfish, Large Mystery wrasse, Possum Wrasse, Coral Beauty Angel, Harlequin Serpent Star had for most of 20 years, various hermits, misc snails, pencil urchin, sea cucumber sand sifting star, hundreds of friendly little astarina stars.

    Heating and cooling
    Dual 300 watt aqueon pro unbreakable submersible heaters, and a chiller out back of the house. All controlled with an Apex controller

    Water motion
    dual controller Jaebao powerheads

    How/When Did You Get Into This Hobby?
    First aquarium was when I was 8 years old, a 5 gallon metaframe freshwater tank. As got older, tanks got bigger. Before High School, started selectively breeding guppies. As got successful, raised freshwater fish for income in the 1960s, even developed my own strain of Guppy which made the cover of aquarium magazine. Three quarter black red veil tail guppy. Later moved on to cichlids, later difficult obscure species and even a caiman (alligator.) Finally started my first saltwater aquarium in the early 1970s. Have had one since. In the old days, skimmers and live rock (the Berlin method) had not yet been established. The first reverse flow under gravel filters were just coming out. Gravel was crushed marble.

    Date Tank Was Started
    This tank was purchased locally about 5 years ago. Lot of the contents came from prior systems. The Southern Thailand look captivated me.

    What Was Your Favorite Part of The Build?
    The rockwork is based on four towers that were assembled in layers as water was added. Towers are held together with fiberglass rods epoxied into holes. The towers have bridges going across the top and rocks set in front. Thus the display is mostly cave work. This allows maximum peacefulness as no territorialism.

    Dosing and Schedule
    I run 100% of my ATO RO water through a Kalkwasser stirrer. Outside of water changes, this is all it needs.

    Feeding (Fish and Coral) and Schedule
    Algae sheets daily, a mix of freezer blend, misc packaged frozen, Spectum pellets, and Ocean Nutrition flakes. Feed tank once a day, perhaps twice if visitors. Plus whatever, whenever.

    Do You Have a Favorite Fish and Why?
    Longnose Hawk is my favorite. Always in the open, friendly and playful

    What Is Your Favorite Type of Coral?
    Green Rasta hair Palau Sinularia leather coral. Have had for almost 15 years and distributed dozens into the area. I assume most here come from this one individual

    Overall reef keeping philosophy? Having done so many methods so many ways, the current preference is simplicity. This present system is ultra-low maintenance. Automatic everything except water change and feeding. Backups to all, and minimized possibility for error. I believe there is no real right nor wrong way, as it is a hobby for fun. Lessons are learned from doing things outside the box. As long as the fish are kept happy and healthy, all is good. My favorite ever tank was a my previous 72 gallon bow front live-planted softy tank. Was so easy, bright, and cheerful. Ran itself, could leave it unattended for a month and all would be happy and growing.
    Comments 21 Comments
    1. Scooterman's Avatar
      Scooterman -
      Wow beautiful tank, congrats!!
    1. mfinn's Avatar
      mfinn -
      This is a amazing tank to see in person.
    1. rainydave's Avatar
      rainydave -
      Beautiful tank. Pictures don't do it justice...must be seen in person.
    1. IPisces's Avatar
      IPisces -
      You're all right. Must be seen in person. Its been moved since the last time I saw it. That had to be a job and a half!
      Well done Mike.
    1. ak_reefer's Avatar
      ak_reefer -
      I agree with everyone else this is a must see in person. Mike how is that Rhizo doing? And Congrats well deserved!!
    1. tamarindthai's Avatar
      tamarindthai -
      what a beauty,,,,congrats Mike
    1. Blue Lip's Avatar
      Blue Lip -
      Your tank is awesome!
    1. Blue Lip's Avatar
      Blue Lip -
      What type of clowns are the black & white?
    1. seedlessinseattle's Avatar
      seedlessinseattle -
      Congrats, pretty awesome looking 180
    1. 1guydude's Avatar
      1guydude -
      Wow great write up, really enjoyed the read. Sweet tank mike! I want a rhizo! That setosa is shweet too. Man shweet tank sir!
    1. kpiotrowski's Avatar
      kpiotrowski -
      Congrats and thanks for sharing!
    1. NanaReefer's Avatar
      NanaReefer -
    1. reefman069's Avatar
      reefman069 -
      congratulations mike. super nice tank
    1. CarlaW's Avatar
      CarlaW -
    1. Herefishyfishy's Avatar
      Herefishyfishy -
      Thanks everyone, wish had better photos. It videos much better. It is crammed into a my tiny office. Added a few corals from Barrier and a couple from Denny's. Water quality doing pretty well, especially for summer time.
    1. IPisces's Avatar
      IPisces -
      Post a new video of the tank Mike.
    1. Herefishyfishy's Avatar
      Herefishyfishy -
      Wow, that was a trip. OK, here is a you tube vid snapped today
    1. loohunter's Avatar
      loohunter -
      Tank looks so nice mike congrats on totm
    1. Nana Chloropsis's Avatar
      Nana Chloropsis -
      That is a beautiful set up Mike. Congrats to you!
    1. spllbnd2's Avatar
      spllbnd2 -
      Congrats Mike on the awesome TOTM. Very nice system.

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