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  • New Scavenger Hunt Contest!!!

    Without A Moment To Spare!!!

    REEF FRONTIERS is at it again working along with our very own KEVIN POCKELL of AQUATIC DREAMS to bring you our FIRST SCAVENGER HUNT CONTEST!!!!!

    Rules Of The Game
    This game is as simple as it gets!! Everyone can play and nobody will have an advantage over the other so it's fair game for all!! What will happen is every other day, Kevin will put an "@" symbol somewhere on his website and it will be up to you to search throughout Kevin's website (found by clicking on his banner above), finding the "@" symbol and then quickly heading over to the game thread found in the link below and state where the symbol was placed and that's it! We will continue to update post number 2 of the game thread after each correct answer comes in posting the name of the member that got that point. At the end of the contest, we will go back and tally up all of the points and the one with the most points wins the game!!Disclaimer: Keep in mind that the "@" symbol found in Kevin's email address on his website does not count!

    Now on to the prize!!! You will see by what's up for grabs that Kevin has a generous heart which should not come as a shock to anyone who knows Kevin . Kevin has dedicated many long years of his time to this forum being a member here since 2003. Not only is he our resident SPS Specialst, but in addition to this, Kevin is a sponsor of this forum, an RF Staff member and also a great kind hearted friend who is a huge asset to RF. I'd say he is probably one of the most versatile members we have here at RF and so for that we say, "Thank You!" to Kevin for all that he has done to contribute to this forum over the years!!

    So, back to the prize...Or should I say "Prizes". If you look below, you will see a nice long wonderful list of first class frags Kevin has offered up to the winner. No...You don't have to pick just one of these as I did say Kevin was very generous! You will have your pick at any 6 of these with a retail value of about $29.99 each which if you do the math, equates to about a $200.00 value!!! According to Kevin, these frags will multi-branch in the 5-6" size!!

    Your Choice picks!

    Acropora florida
    A. formosa
    A. millepora
    A. Tenuis
    Montipora (purple rim cap)
    Montipora digitata (green)
    M. digitata (orange)
    Euphyllia glabrescens (torch)
    Seriatopora Hystrix (sharp pointed bird's nest)
    Seriatopora caliendrum (blunt pointed bird's nest)
    Seriatopora guttatus
    Pachyclavularia violacea (green star polyps)
    Xenia elongata
    Xenia umbellata (pom pom Xenia)
    Zoanthid (dragon eye)
    Duncanopsammia (green)
    Montipora (superman)
    Montipora (Idaho purple grape)
    Capnella (Kenya tree)

    Now that we have gotten your attention, keep your web browser locked on to AQUATIC DREAMS and look out for that "@" symbol and let's find ourself a WINNER!!!

    The contest will end September 30th

    Contest Forum Section
    Contest thread found HERE
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