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  • April Tank of the Month

    Tank of the Month April
    Jaysauce's 50 gallon


    Thi-le and Jayson (jaysauce)

    Tank Size
    50 Gallon AquaPro Rimless Display Tank (36"x18"x18") w/ 9 Gallon AquaPro Rimless Sump (12"x12"x14")

    2x AquaIllumination Nanos

    Bubble Magus NAC6a skimmer, Bulk Reef Supply Carbon & GFO in mesh bag, Bulk Reef Supply Biopellets in TLF150 reactor

    http://www.reeffrontiers.com/photos_..._Goniopora.jpg Live Stock
    Clownfish, Chromis, ORA Green Mandarin, Lyretail Anthias, Scooter Blenny, Sixline Wrasse, Red Spotted Dottyback, Bengaii Cardinals, Bicolor Pseudochromis, Astrea Snails, Hermit Crabs, Nassarius Snails, Fighting Conchs, Rose Bubble Tip Anemone, Red Linkia Starfish, Flame Algae

    Date Tank Was Started
    December 1, 2011

    How Did You Get Into This Hobby?
    I intended to give Thi-Le a freshwater tank as a gift for Valentine's Day, but when we went to the store to pick out the fish, we left with everything needed to get started in saltwater. After 2 years and a lot of learning, this is where we ended up.

    What Was Your Favorite Part of The Build?
    The formation of the rocks was our favorite part of the build. It was really fun trying to arrange and glue the pukani rocks together in a way that was aesthetically pleasing. We really wanted to make the rockscape look light, open, and appealing from all four sides of the tank.

    http://www.reeffrontiers.com/photos_...lams_Acans.jpg Dosing and Schedule.
    Day 1 (Sunday) - 5% water change, 10 drops KoralColor
    Day 2 (Monday) - 1/3 capful MB7, 10 drops KoralColor
    Day 3 (Tuesday) - 10 drops KoralColor
    Day 4 (Wednesday) - 1/3 capful MB7, 10 drops KoralColor, 15 drops Replenish
    Day 5 (Thursday) - 10 drops KoralColor
    Day 6 (Friday) - 1/3 capful MB7, 10 drops KoralColor
    Day 7 (Saturday) - 10 drops KoralColor

    We have a calcium reactor setup in anticipation for a higher calcium load once the tank matures further. Right now we have water circulating through the reactor. There is no additional dosing other than as stated above to maintain calcium, magnesium and alkalinity.

    Feeding (Fish and Coral) and Schedule.
    Day 1 (Sunday) - 1 1/2" cube of mysis shrimp
    Day 2 (Monday) - 1 1/2" cube of mysis shrimp, 6 drops amino acids
    Day 3 (Tuesday) - 1 1/2" cube of mysis shrimp, , Formula 1 flake
    Day 4 (Wednesday) - 1 1/2" cube of mysis shrimp, Pinch of CoralFrenzy
    Day 5 (Thursday) - 1 1/2" cube of mysis shrimp, 6 drops amino acids
    Day 6 (Friday) - 1 1/2" cube of mysis shrimp, Formula 1 flake
    Day 7 (Saturday) - 1 1/2" cube of mysis shrimp, Fauna Marine LPS food

    The mysis shrimp is usually done early morning and on the days when there is a second food type, that is given early evening

    http://www.reeffrontiers.com/photos_..._Goniopora.jpg Do You Have a Favorite Fish and Why?
    The pair of clownfish is our favorite because they were the very first fish we added to our very first tank. They have been with us since the beginning and we plan on keeping them for as long as they both shall live =]

    What Is Your Favorite Type of Coral?
    Our favorite types of corals are euphyllia because we like how they give movement to the tank. We like the ones that have vibrant and interesting colors such as our gold torch.

    A link to Jaysons Tank

    Join us in congratulating Jayson HERE
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