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    Welcome to Reef Frontiers, your premium online community and the best source for information on the internet to help you be successful in Reef and Aquarium care ...
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    Its been a long time coming and well deserved. Congratulations to Reefman069 on being the Reef Frontiers Featured Tank.

    Hello. My name is Chad Doane "Reefman069". I have to start out with saying thank you for letting me have tank of the month. This means a lot to me. I have put lots of time and money into my reef tank to get it to this point.

    I started this hobby with a freshwater tank about 18 years ago. One day my buddy Steve invited me over to his friend Doug's house. As I walked into his house he had a saltwater ...

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    Nana's 40B

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    And so it starts! Put the baffles in tonight Got a little tricky with the last one. But smaller hands prevailed! Used masking tape on one side to hold them in place. Worked better then

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    Marine Aquarium Expo 2014 Photo Thread

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    Marine Aquarium Expo April 5-6, 2014

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    Krish's Bahamian Photo log

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    (EDIT: Before you go ahead, I think I may have added too many photos on each page so if you have a slow server, it may take a little while to load. I'm

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    H & S A200 extended DIY build

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    I have been looking for a companion skimmer for my XRC 250 with a 1262 pump and found this one. Its a H & S A200 extended that once ran (3) 1260's

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    What is the best quiet skimmer?

    Thread Starter: Craiz

    I'm starting to plan a new tank build where quiet is a key requirement. My plan is to locate it in my family room where noise will be a problem. It

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    Chad W

    led lighting recommendations

    Thread Starter: Chad W

    Hi all,

    I have kept saltwater for probably 20+ years and now I am working on putting together a 100gallonish discus tank.

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    another what am i

    Thread Starter: stargazingmommy

    We have this thing growing on live rock we bought. It's grown pretty fast, about an inch the past week. Is it ok, and will the foxface decide it's dinner?

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    36" Rimless Cube

    Thread Starter: dawgwe1

    I am wanting to build a 36" x 36" x 18" rimless tank with starfire front and sides. What thickness glass do you think I should go with?

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    I just moved here from San Antonio TX. My wife is military and we got stationed here to Ft. Lewis. I just wanted to introduce myself and see if anyone

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    Back from vacation, how's it going?

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    back from vacation, been soaking in the SW looking at the "real" thing. snorkeling is so great!!! I'm sure I've seen a million tangs. I saw

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    Chad W

    glass aquarium recommendation

    Thread Starter: Chad W

    Can I get some recommendations on custom glass aquariums builder in the Washington area please

    Thank you , chad

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    Moving Sale =)

    Thread Starter: jaysauce

    Moving Sale =)

    Hi Everyone,

    We are moving pretty soon so we need to see most of our corals and our equipment. We mainly have

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    Rimless Tank FS

    Thread Starter: reefbobc

    Rimless Tank FS

    Very nice 20 gallon long rimless tank by Aqua-Pro. Well built with 3/8" glass. Perfect condition.


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