Characters: Colonies are usually upright bushes with short compact branches. Axial corallites are large and dome-shaped, with thick walls. Radial corallites have a wide range of sizes but are identical to axial corallites in shape and appearance. All corallites are smooth and rounded and have very small openings. The coenosteum is smooth. Colour: Cream or pale brown. Corallite centres are distinct blue or pink, depending on depth. Similar species: Acropora plantaginea, which has relatively crowded radial corallites. See also A. verweyi, which has neat pocket-like radial corallites and A. maryae, which has thinner branches, does not form compact clumps and has less exsert radial corallites. See also A. rosaria and A. granulosa. Habitat: Upper reef slopes. Abundance: Common