Characters: Colonies are phaceloid; corallites are 20-30 millimetres diameter and 15-30 millimetres apart. Walls are thin, with sharp edges. Septa are not exsert; first and second order septa plunge steeply near the centre of the corallite. There are no columellae. Polyps have large tubular tentacles with knob-like tips. Colour: Grey-blue to grey-green with cream, green, pink or white tips to the tentacles. Similar species: Euphyllia cristata, which has much more compact corallites with more exsert primary septa. See also E. paraglabrescens. The fungiid Heliofungia actiniformis has larger tentacles of similar appearance. Habitat: A wide range of reef environments. Abundance: Uncommon but conspicuous, rare in the Red Sea.