Characters: Colonies are flat and are frequently lobed, up to 3 metres across in high latitude localities, usually smaller in the tropics. Corallites are 2-4 millimetres diameter. Paliform lobes form a neat circle around small columellae. Tentacles are sometimes extended during the day; they are short and are of two alternating sizes. Colour: Yellow, cream, green or brown, usually pale colours in the tropics and bright colours (green or brown) in high latitude areas. Similar species: Plesiastrea devantieri. Sometimes confused with other faviids with corallites of similar size notably Favia stelligera and some Montastrea and Cyphastrea species. Habitat: Occurs in most reef environments but especially in shaded places such as under overhangs. Also occurs on rocky foreshores of temperate locations protected from strong wave action. Abundance: Seldom common