Common name "Speckled" or "Spotted Mushroom"
Taxonomy is a mess on this family of the Corallimorphs. They are called scosomatidae or Actinodiscidae, depending on what reference you are reading. In the past there has been a lack of scientific study regarding this family and much of the info regarding it has come from hobbyist's observations. In general, "mushroom" corals like lower light settings and will often be overrun with zooxanthellae and turn brown when fully exposed to MH lighting. They do not like direct exposure to strong current. They "feed" through direct uptake of nutrients in the water, particulate matter trapped in their mucus and from their zooxanthalle. Easy to propagate, these are excellent beginner corals and can add stunning color to tanks. They can spread quickly by pedal laceration so care should be taken in their placement. Do not place near SPS or other non-offensive species