The Bulb Anemone has a red, tan,Orange color. Primarily Photosynthetic, it will also feed on filter feeding invert food, shrimp, and other bits of food introduced into it's mantle, when open. The Entacmaea quadricolor is not generally aggressive toward other tankmates, but can sting fish and other Anemones or corals. Many consider the Entacmaea quadricolor a medium-maintenance specimen. Has medium lighting needs. The Bubble Tip Anemone, Bulb Tip Anemone, Bulb Tentacle Anemone, Maroon Anemone, Rose Anemone requires moderate water flow. Appearance will vary significantly. Bubble-Tip or Bulb-Tentacle Sea Anemone. This is historically the hardiest of large, naturally symbiotic Clownfish anemones for aquarium use.