Large polyp stony coral (LPS). It likes to eat filter feeding invert food, brine shrimp, micro-plankton a few times per week, when open. The Turbinaria species is generally peaceful toward other tankmates. Many consider the Turbinaria species a low-maintenance specimen. Has moderate lighting needs. The Pagoda Cup Coral, Bowl Coral, Cup Coral, Octopus Coral, Scroll Coral, Vase Coral, Lettuce Coral requires moderate water flow. Symbiotic algae zooxanthellae are hosted within this organism. Turbinaria mesenterina (Lamarck 1816). Pagoda Coral to hobbyists, Bowl, Cup, Lettuce, Scroll Coral to the trade. Indo-Pacific, Red Sea to Polynesia. Colonies laminar, more convoluted in shallow waters to upright in deeper water. The lack of success with this family is principally due to two factors, for the azooxanthellate Tubastrea et al. genera, a lack of feeding (or provision for the consequences thereof), and for the photosynthetic Turbinaria, a general lack of "promotion"... they're easily kept, as long as maintained off the bottom and swept/blown clean of detritus and mucus