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      Cyclone bak-pak skimmer up to 60 gallons
      posted by mojoreef

      The Cyclone Bak-Pak is a combination protein skimmer/biological filtration unit that is designed to externally hang on the back of aquariums up to 60 gallons. It is ideal for ...
      2185 2 reviews
      GFI Plug
      posted by mojoreef

      Make your own GFI extension cord with this outdoor plug end. Simply attach your own power cord (18 through 12 AWG) to this yellow grounded plug. Rated at 15 amps, 115 volt onl ...
      2003 1 reviews
      ReefKeeper Elite Basic System V2 ReefKeeper Elite Basic System V2
      posted by mojoreef

      The ReefKeeper Elite redefined function and integration for aquarium control systems. From the start, this controller has set the standard for all other controllers on the mar ...
      2317 No reviews
      Pinpoint ORP Controller w/probe Pinpoint ORP Controller w/probe
      posted by mojoreef

      PINPOINT ORP (REDOX) Controller" is an inexpensive rugged controller complete with a platinum ORP probe. This device will automate another electrical device like an ozonizer o ...
      1277 No reviews
      Seachem Reef Status Magnesium/Alk Test Kit Seachem Reef Status Magnesium/Alk Test Kit
      posted by mojoreef

      Four kits in one! Tests for magnesium through a titration based procedure in increments of 12.5 mg/L. Tests for carbonate alkalinity, borate alkalintiy and total alkalinity in ...
      1154 No reviews
      Salifert Magnesium Test 30ppm 50 tests Salifert Magnesium Test 30ppm 50 tests
      posted by mojoreef

      The Salifert magnesium test is very straightforward and does not suffer from calcium and strontium interferences when within certain bounds. It measures in sufficient accurate ...
      1125 No reviews
      Elos Magnesium Kit Elos Magnesium Kit
      posted by mojoreef

      Magnesium (Mg) is present in a high quantity (1.300/1.350 ppm) in natural seawater. Contrary to its (not only quantitative) significance, this element was ignored as an import ...
      1247 No reviews
      Hanna Pocket Photometer Marine Alkalinity Hanna Pocket Photometer Marine Alkalinity
      posted by mojoreef

      The only salt water Alkalinity Tester at this price! Easier to use and more accurate than chemical test kits Colorimetric method Large, easy to read digits ...
      1313 No reviews
      LaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit LaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit
      posted by mojoreef

      LaMotte individual water test kits come supplied with pre-calibrated test tubes and labware to give fast, accurate results. Reagents, labware, and step-by-step instructions ar ...
      1327 No reviews
      Elos Carbonate Hardness Kit Elos Carbonate Hardness Kit
      posted by mojoreef

      ELOS AquaTest KH, as well as all the other titrimetric test kit of this line, grants an high precision thanks to several procedures like the use of calibrated dropper with con ...
      1986 No reviews
      Salifert Calcium Test 50-100 tests Salifert Calcium Test 50-100 tests
      posted by mojoreef

      Calcium testing and addition Calcium is a major constituent of calcareous algae, skeletal material of hard corals and the skeletal needles of soft/leather corals. Calcium a ...
      1273 No reviews
      PINPOINT Calcium Monitor PINPOINT Calcium Monitor
      posted by mojoreef

      he PINPOINT Calcium Monitor" is the only truly affordable and accurate digital Calcium measurement instrument. Powered by a 9-volt battery or the PINPOINT" AC Adapter Kit (not ...
      1182 No reviews
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