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      Reef & Marine Success Supplements are a complete range of aquarium supplements for marine and reef aquariums, including unique products for enhanced coral growth and development.

      Through exact ion balancing these formulas continue to maintain excellent water chemistry even as the elements are utilized. These easy-to-use supplements are supplied in a 14 oz clear bottle that includes a 10ml scale for easy dosing. All of the supplements have been formulated for weekly addition to the aquarium and will treat a total of 5,000 gallons.

      Encourages growth of higher marine algaes For weekly usage

      Minor and trace elements for marine algae

      Marine Success Green is a scientifically formulated enrichment solution containing iron and manganese to stimulate and maintain growth of higher algae. It also provides all the other minor and trace elements required for macro algae like Caulerpa and Halimeda species. These algae not only improve the aesthetic aspects of the marine aquarium, they also play an important role in maintaining a stable aquarium ecosystem, by removing unwanted nitrate and phosphate from your aquarium. They also produce oxygen and secrete vitamins into the aquarium water. Marine Success Green does not contain nitrate or phosphate.
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