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      Red Sea Lighting HQI
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      Red Sea lights represent the very best technology in aquarium illumination today.

      The aim of every aquarist is to replicate as closely as possible the natural environment of the specific plants and animals that are to be kept in each aquarium.

      The Red Sea lighting system incorporates an elegant and practical design while applying current developments in lamp manufacturing that will enhance the appearance and efficiency of any aquarium, inside and out.This synthesis of design and practicality has culminated in the creation of a range of elegant models to suit all aquaristic needs.

      The Red Sea lighting units are characterized by a choice of lamps, all positioned correctly inside a precision-engineered asymmetric reflector, and housed in a corrosion & distortion resistant aluminum housing.

      The Red Sea lighting system`s features:

      · Precision-engineered asymmetric reflectors

      · For freshwater and saltwater aquariums

      · Superior design results in a much higher life for all components

      · Integrated protective safety glass

      · Silver anodized aluminum finish
      24" - 60cm 1*70W or 1*150W
      36" - 90cm 2*70W or 2*150W
      60" - 150cm 3*70W or 3*150W

      Lighting is a very significant factor in the growth and well being of plants and corals and therefore close attention should be given to the color and intensity of the light provided. As the most important function of light is to provide sufficient energy for the metabolism of the aquarium`s animals and plants, the Red Sea lighting system enables optimum assimilation of nutrients including CO2 and optimum dissolution of oxygen in water to the benefit of animal/plant health balance. The various versions of the Red Sea lighting system help reproduce natural lighting for saltwater or freshwater biotopes, offer accurate underwater light settings and supply the necessary energy for coral or plant growth.

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