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      Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper
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      Description: Digital Light Timer - A light timer can programmed with an on and off time in 15 minute increments. Some or all of the channels can be programmed to be a timer.
      Wavemaker (with softstart) - There are 3 wavemaker cycles in the ReefKeeper, cycles A, B and C. When a channel is designated as a powerhead a cycle must be chosen for that channel. Cycles A/B alternate opposite each other, while cycle C alternates on and off independently.
      Under the wavemaker setup you choose how long you want each cycle time to be by dialing an A/B cycle time and a C cycle time.
      In normal operation an ‘A’, ‘B’ and/or ‘C’ is displayed on the LCD to indicate which cycle is on.
      During night mode the cycle times double creating a calmer environment. You can also program individual channels to be off during night mode if desired.
      Softstart - Softstart is a much debated issue in the aquarium community; many argue about whether or not it even exists. The reality is that both camps are right in some way. Softstart does exist, however, it isn’t practical or cost- effective to implement perfectly. Digital Aquatics does implement “softer-start” for all channels. This is done to reduce the “clanking” of the impeller when a powerhead is turned on. Put Digital Aquatics to the test! The way to judge a product’s softstart capability is to listen to the pump when it turns on; there is always some clanking, but the goal is to reduce it as much as possible. Digital Aquatics tested many other products and has implemented what it feels is the best performing softstart available. Also, powerhead design is improving over time and pumps like the MaxiJet brand last much longer than some others.
      Feed mode - Feed mode can be programmed to be from 1 to 20 minutes long. When the “Feed” (top) button is pressed the ReefKeeper turns off all powerheads and sump pumps for the set time or until “Feed” is pressed again. Feed mode helps reduce the bio load on the tank by, maximizing the food eaten by fish and corrals and minimizing waist. Food will not get whisked away into the sump filter and to dead spots in you tank.
      Feed mode is also useful when it is time to perform maintenance on your tank and you need all the water pumps to be temporarily turned off.
      Night mode - The ReefKeeper goes into night mode when all light channels are turned off. When in night mode the wavemaker cycles double creating a calmer night environment. Also, each powerhead can be programmed to be off during night mode.
      Digital thermometer and temp control (temp probe included)
      The ReefKeepers digital thermometer is a reliable temperature sensor that is digitally filtered to provide accurate readings. Using the temperature measured the ReefKeeper controls one or more heaters and fan/chillers.
      The thermometer can be calibrated by the user so that near perfect (0.1 degree resolution) accuracy can be achieved from year to year.
      Fan/Chiller control - The ReefKeeper turns on chillers and/or fans when the temperature in the tank exceeds a limit. Most aquarists don’t want to listen to their hood fans when then don’t need to. The ReefKeeper allows the fans to be off unless they are needed to keep the water temperature down. This way you only have your fans on when you absolutely need them. A temperature limit can be chosen for the fan/chiller in 0.1 degree increments.
      Metal halide “sure-on” - Metal halides lights are notorious for not turning back on after a power interruption. This is because they cannot be lit when they are still hot. The ReefKeeper’s Sure-On feature detects power interruptions and allows a metal halide bulb to cool before turning back on. Since the ReefKeeper has an internal battery it will always be able to keep time and settings despite power interruptions of any length.
      If a metal halide channel is being held off by Sure-on after a power interruption, the LED associated to that channel will blink until the metal halide channel is turned on again.
      8 programmable channels (No need for separate X-10 devices)
      The 8 controlled outlets are built into the ReefKeeper making it easy to install and setup. No separate X-10 devices are needed to be purchased and setup, which saves aquarists time, space and money. The power controller is very compact for an 8 channel controller and mounting is very easy.
      Resistive or inductive loads - The ReefKeeper can control resistive (heaters) or inductive (pumps and ballasts) loads and still supply 6A of power.
      Microprocessor design - The ReefKeeper has an embedded microprocessor to enable advanced features like softstart, night mode, “Sure-On” and temperature functions on different types of channels, plus much more. It drives the LCD menu system for easy setup. It also reads water temperature, digitally filtering it to provide stable and accurate readings.
      Display box can mount flush to cabinet for professional look - The display unit has two mounting options to accommodate different configurations. It can be mounted flush to your hood/cabinet for a sleek look by cutting out a rectangle. It can also be mounted easily to any flat surface. The outlet box mounts to a flat surface.
      High power design: 15A total power, 6A per channel - A maximum of 15A can be supplied by the ReefKeeper, and each of the 8 channels can supply 6A (as long as the total current is less than 15A). A heavy duty power cord and a fused supply provides the safety that is needed for home use.
      User optically isolated from AC power
      The power switches use optically isolated controllers to provide the highest level of safety in a water environment.
      Splash proof face plate - The front of the remote display has a custom faceplate so that a little water on it doesn’t cause any problems. The unit menu system can be navigated with wet hands without any problems.
      Internal backup battery for clock and settings - The internal battery will last for years keeping the time and settings of the ReefKeeper. The battery also allows power interruptions to have little effect on the system which is especially important when you are gone for days at a time. A power outage will not require the adjustments that to traditional light timers need after the power is restored.
      Simple menu system for easy configuration - The menu system is a simple to use interface that allows you to setup the ReefKeeper to meet your specific needs. The 3 buttons to the right of the display are used to navigate through the menu for setting up which features you want to link to which outlets and other setup.
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