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      ReefKeeper Elite Basic System V2 ReefKeeper Elite Basic System V2
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      Description: The ReefKeeper Elite redefined function and integration for aquarium control systems. From the start, this controller has set the standard for all other controllers on the market in terms of style and design, as well as function. The ReefKeeper Elite, with its 11 button interface, powerful feature set and upgradeable firmware, shows why it's the leader in today's market. This system is backed by over 40 years of engineering experience and is rooted in the aquatics hobby with a strong focus on our customers. We not only design the ReefKeeper Elite control system, we use it too. All our personal tanks are powered by the same systems our customers use if we won't run it, we won't sell it!

      Advanced Integration
      In terms of integration, the ReefKeeper Elite takes it to a new level. For example, with our new Storm mode (2.0+) and advanced pump control for Tunze pumps, you can integrate scheduled storms in your tank, night mode and tidal affects. You're also able to shut down pumps and circulation when doing maintenance or feedings all at the touch of a button. Likewise, combining lighting and temperature allows us to safely reduce the light levels of the tanks system if it gets too hot. This helps reduce the amount of heat energy into the tank when your cooling system is overpowered by hot days, or malfunction.

      With over 12 modules either released or on the way, the ReefKeeper Elite can be configured in millions of possible arrangements. This makes the control system truly customizable allowing you to setup a control system that is as unique as your needs and wants. Whether you're looking to interface your ReefKeeper with a home-automation system, or simpley automate daily tasks, you're sure to find a variety of modules that will work for you.

      The ReefKeeper Elite has more than enough power and ability to monitor and control pH, ORP, Salinity, ATO temperature; run wavemakers, lighting cycles, and more for one or multiple aquariums.

      pH Control
      With the ability to monitor multiple pH probes you can run a reactor as well as monitor the pH of your main system.

      Temp Control
      Control dual stage heating and cooling with heaters, chillers and fans with different set points. Everything you need to hold your temperature rock solid.

      ORP Control
      Whether you're dosing ozone or just want to keep an eye on ORP, the ReefKeeper has you covered.

      Salinity Control
      Use this probe to make sure your water changes are spot on. Consistent salt levels between mix water and system water is critical to the heath of your system.
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