hi everyone:
just wanted to let anyone in NY,NJ and CT area to know that LI reef assoc. is hosting NERAC III , this march 10 and 11 '07 in Atlantis Marine world at river head NY(www.atlantismarineworld.com). my husband and I went to it last year and had a good time. they also have dinner sat. 10 from 6pm, which is well worth it. last year they had greate food. the tables were near fish tanks . we also got a chance to tour behind the seens, which was lots of fun. Todd gardner was nice enough ,and i came home with 2 tank raised percula clown. all and all it was greate, my husband is not a fish person ,but he enjoyed the lectures and dinner and behind the scene as much as i did. i am not member of LI reef association, i live in bayside which is about 1 hour away from atlantis marine world. you can register for this event at ( nerac@lireef.org ). hope to see you all there. jakleen