I vacuum the top layer of mine but only in small sections per water change. I feel there is a lot of life in the sand bed I don’t wish to disturb it all at once. As for under the rock I never deal with it when I do A water change once a week I use a power head and blast off the rock work I do not use a filter sock in my fuge. I let my detrivores do there job and I grow massive amounts of cheatomorphia. In the sump per liveforphysics instructions and use very coarse substrate there and I never seem to have a prob.

How ever I will say all this applies to my old 55g sand bed that lasted many years until my stupid mistake crashed the tank. I do all this on my new tank as well but it is only about 6 months old and doing fine.

I would love to have more people chime in on dsb's and the maintenance.