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Thread: Reef Aquarium Chemistry for Beginners Part 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladyslipper211 View Post
    I'm new, so I do have a few questions. I have done large and small wc, however, with the larger changes I tend to get a bloom algae everywhere, and when I do a small change, it doesn't seem to be enough. I am using distilled water to mix with my salt. My tank is a 10 gal, so maybe this is the issue? I know that smaller tanks are less forgiving... My small changes have been 10%, and my large changes have been 30%. Maybe I have too much phosphate?
    i have a 10gl nano and i do a 20% "2gl" WC every week and every thing seems to do great for me. i also have a DIY fuge on it to. what are your perams? phose,nitrate exc.?

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    This thread was definitely useful in validating some current knowledge of mine while also adding new light into the leftover ions that remain in the water column if water changes are not done adequately. Thanks guys!

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