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    Ron Shimek Articles

    Sponges and Tunicates

    Sponges: A Bunch of Holes Held Together by Some Cells

    Tunicates or Sea Squirts: A Wet Link

    Some Truths about Sponges

    Sponges, out from under the counter...

    Identification and Husbandry of Aquarium Sponges

    Jellyfish and Hydroids

    Comb Jellies


    Hydroids — The Ultimate Cnidarians

    10-oh-4, Good Buddy!!

    Shrimp, Crabs and other crusties

    Herbivory and Algae (Borneman); Snapping Shrimp (Shimek)

    Sea Spiders

    Possum Shrimps or Mysids

    The Lean, Unmean, Grazing Machines — Chitons in Nature And Aquaria


    So... Now You've Found Out You've Gotten The Crabs

    Hermit Crabs in a Reef Tank

    Bigger Bugs

    Nudibranchs, Slugs, Flatworms

    Beautiful, but Unwelcome; Aeolid Nudibranchs in the Reef Aquarium


    Snails, Molluscs and other tiny things


    Turbo Snail Problems and Acclimatization, Various Authors

    And Along Came a Spider

    Naked ...Gills on Snails

    The Mollis Clans – A Celebration of Molluscan Diversity

    Nassarius Snails as Scavengers in Reef Aquaria

    The Grazing Snails, Part I Turbo, Trochus, Astraea And Kin

    The Grazing Snails, Part II - Abalones, Limpets and Nerites

    The Grazing Snails, Part III: Conchs, Ceriths, Cowries, and Columbellids

    Snail Eggs

    Things with stings....Conus snails

    Snails that ain't...Vermetid Snails In Marine Aquaria

    The Predatory Shelled Snails

    "Okay, Clamrades, the Meeting Will Come to Order..."

    Nano-Animals, Part 1: Rotifers

    Life Styles of the Small and Minute: Some Consequences of Tininess

    White Spots on the Walls

    The Mollis Clans - A Celebration of Molluscan Diversity

    The Animal as a Life Cycle — Invertebrate Larvae


    Ciliated Protozoans — Unseen Marvels


    Various "Pods"

    You Can't Tell Your "Pods" Without A Program...

    Cirolanid Isopods by Keith Clarke and Ron Shimek

    Bitty Bugs: Copepods in the Reef Aquarium

    Pills, Parasites, and Predators; Isopods in the Reef Aquarium

    Odd Pods and Tanoids


    Starfish and Related Echinoderms

    Little White Starfish, Various Authors

    Starfish Acclimatisation, Various Authors

    Feather Stars - Fragile Beauty

    Sea Stars

    We Owe Alot to Brainless Dominance

    Urchins, Cucumbers, and Other

    Sea Urchins, A Testy Subject

    There is No Reason To Be Spineless

    Echinoderms in Aquaria

    The Meat of the Matter(Echinoderms)

    Echinoderms, Unique and Odd

    The Life and Death of Sea Pens

    Marine Worms

    Oh, Those Horrible Worms! Part 1

    Oh, Those Horrible Worms! Part 2

    Hints About the Diets and Habitats of Host Anemones by Ron Shimek

    Invertebrate Differences

    Invertebrate Strippers


    Waste Extraction, The Invertebrate Way

    Oh, Bartender, I'll Have a Glass of "Old Aggression" on the Rocks

    Faunal Extinction and Coral Reefs; What Can Hobbyists Do?

    Dem Bones...

    Why Are There So Many Kinds of Reef Animals?


    What is a “Scientific Name,” Anyhow? And why bother with them?

    Iodine Coral's Prey Response by Eric Borneman and Ron Shimek (Discusses Iodine)

    What are Natural Reef Salinities and Temperatures

    The Great Temperature Debate, Various Authors

    Live Rock As A Biological Filter: Hit or Myth?

    Its in the Water

    It Is Still in the Water

    What We Put in the Water

    Our Coral Reef Aquaria - Our Own Personal Experiments in the Effects of Trace Element Toxicity

    Coldwater Scorpaeonids - The Rockfishes of the Northeastern Pacific

    Down the Drain, Exports from Reef Aquaria

    Reef Aquaria as Ecosystems

    Feeding The Reef Aquarium, A New Paradigm

    The Toxicity of Some Freshly Mixed Artificial Sea Water; A Bad Beginning For A Reef Aquarium

    A Guide to Building a DIY BS-o-meter
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