Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My wife and I are military and will be transferring to Ellsworth in either Oct or Nov of this year. Looking to meet some fellow reefers. Right now I just have a 75g that is cycling. it will be a reef tank, if thats what I can call it...only 6-7 months to get stuff in it lol. Anyway, this is not my first tank, but do to moving with the military, I have had to tear down and even sell other tanks due to space.

I hope to set up a 125-180 depending on space when we get to Ellsworth. Of course, I will also have my 75g, as I plan to keep it this time. Right now, I am set up with an Outer Orbit fixture for my lights. 2x250w halides, with 4x54w T-5 actinics and 18 moonlights, 9 white, 9 blue. Just have a wet/dry as a sump right now returned with an Odysea 700 pump hard plumbed, but made compartments into it so I could manage about a 8"x6" refugium. I was in a rush to set up, so I have an overflow and tank is not drilled. (That will be fixed on my new tank.) Lastly, I am running a Euroreef RS100 skimmer.

Anyway, just wanted to tell a bit about myself. Hope to get to know some of you or maybe even meet some when we arrive there!

Thx, Rick