I appreciate those of you who have problems, concerns or need help with your marine fish. I know that when one of my fishes is 'off' I get a little sick in my own stomach followed by anxiety.

I receive many personal messages by e-mail -- these are PMs -- seeking information and/or help. Sometimes I get up to 12 in one day. To be blunt, I can't handle them all in any kind of timely manner.

From my posts I think you can see that I try to be thorough. So a 'short reply' isn't my style.

If I replied to each PM I would be spending much more time giving just one person information rather then many people in a public forum; and I would end up repeating myself over and over again, since many of the PMs seem to be cyclic with marine fish problems.

I encourage all who would PM me for information or help to reconsider. If your fish needs immediate attention or you want a fast response POST to this Forum. When you post your questions or situation or what you need here in the Forum: I will reply; others may help; and others with similar questions or fish problems may also learn.

The exception to the above is to PM me to look at a post in another Forum on RF, or when I invite a PM.

Don't be surprised if you PM with a dire need of a fish in horrible condition only to not receive a reply in a week or more.

I want to still allow PMs from Forum participants so I have taken these steps to manage the situation I now face. The next step would be just to not allow PMs at all and I don't want to get there.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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