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Thread: Equipment and DIY Plans

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    Equipment and DIY Plans

    Sumps and Refugiums

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sumps, Part I

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sumps, Part II

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sumps, Part III

    How does a sump work by Marc Levenson

    Sump Design by Marc Levenson

    Pressure Locking Sump Baffles

    Converting a Hagen Aquaclear Power Filter into a Refugium by Steven Pro

    Variations on a Refugium: Installation Options

    Working with Acrylic

    Working with Acrylic

    IPS Weldon Instruction Guide (for working with acrylic)

    Tips on working with acrylic by Jon Garner

    Everything you didn't want to know about acrylic

    Acrylic Facts


    Stockman Standpipe

    Durso Standpipe

    DIY Databases

    King Vinnies DIY plans (over 350 projects)

    Snailman's Reef database

    Ozreef DIY Database (over 100 projects)

    General Info and other Equipment

    Once Again: Electricity and Plumbing: Part I by Adam Blundell M.S.

    Submersible Pump Comparisons - Efficiency and Price Assessments by Steven Pro

    External Pump Impressions by Steven Pro

    Revisited Reviews, Part II: LiterMeter III Peristaltic Pump, IceCap Pendant, 150 Watt Ballast, and Iwasaki 150 Watt Bulb by Gregory Schiemer

    X10 Controllers - An Economical and Functional Approach to Aquarium Timers by James Gasta

    Pressure Locking Sump Baffles

    Weir Overflows

    Water Top-Off System

    Canister Filter Impressions by Steven Pro

    Heater Impressions by Steven Pro

    Fluidized Bed Filter

    Fluidized Bed Filter

    Closed Loop System

    Kalkwasser Reactor

    Kalkwasser Reactor

    Plumbing 101 with Jon Garner

    Why you should use RO/DI water

    Finch Shut-Off Relay

    Kalk Dosers

    Gravity Fed DIY Kalk Doser

    DIY Kalkwasser Doser

    Surge Devices

    Aquatouch Surge Bucket

    Carlson Surge Device by Bruce Carlson

    A Simple Surge Device...Make It Yourself in 30 Minutes for $30 by Dana Riddle


    DIY Above-tank Refugium


    DIY Nano Canopy

    DIY MH Canopy


    DIY Chiller Thermo

    Product Review: Teco SeaChill TR20 1/3 HP Aquarium Chiller by Clare Driscoll


    Skimmer Design 101 by Shane Graber

    SeaClone Modifications by Clinton Yiu

    In-Line, In-Sump, Foam Fractionator by DarkHorge

    8" Counter Current Skimmer by Snailman


    Airstones for skimmers

    Suppliers (this is a work-in-progress...please bear with me)

    Home Depot




    MSC Industrial Supply Company

    Plumbing Supply Company

    Graybar Electric

    US Plastics

    Ridout Plastics


    DIY Aquarium Stand Dimensions

    DIY Stand Design for a 125 Gallon Tank

    Iron Stand Dressup

    Auto Top Off

    Hooking Up an RO Unit Directly to Your Sump - A Recipe for Disaster by Marc Levenson
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