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Thread: October Meeting

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    October Meeting

    For the October Meeting Indmas will host an Auction.

    Do you have old equipment that sits around collecting dust, or a coral that has outgrown your tank. Bring it to the October Auction and sell it to the highest bidder. You set the minimum price and The seller keeps 100% of the profit. Let me say that again. Indmas makes no money on any items sold. You, the seller, keep 100% of the money made on the items you sell.

    This will be a free event for members. Non members are free to purchase items but must pay $5 to sell items.

    If you are planning on selling any items at the auction I ask that you please email me or shoot me a pm and let me know what you will be selling.

    I ask that you please not post here in the forum what it is you are selling. A few days before the auction a list will be posted as to what is for sale.

    Please send your emails to

    In your email please give me your:

    Item you are selling
    the minimum bid you will accept
    your name
    your screen name

    Also if you are planning on selling livestock please keep in mind four things:

    1. This will be an outside event, in October, while there will be a shelter it could be 90 degrees or it could be 40 degrees. Please plan accordingly. Coolers would be a very good thing.

    2. Since this is an outside event you will not be able to bring tanks and heaters and waters. Please put all your livestock in either bags, buckets or some form of tupperware for ease of transfer.

    3. Taking pictures of the livestock while it is still in your home and nice and big and beautiful will probably help it sell for a higher price as compared to somebody just looking at it through a bag when it's nice and closed up.

    4. We ask that you please limit your livestock to 10 items. We need to give everybody a chance to sell their items and besides that do not want you to bring every single frag you have at home. Just bring your best pieces. You can bring the rest to the frag swap in April.

    Thanks for your support

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    When is this october meeting and where is it?

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