This is very difficult for me... it breaks my heart.

I joined this forum to have access to people who will appreciate my four wonderful fish. It's time for me to part with them. I love them, and have had them all for about 2 years. They even have names. However, it's time to upgrade major system components - and I just can't afford it.

These fish have never known a moment of illness. They all live very peacefully together in a 37 G. I've never seen them fight or struggle over territory. (They've had good live rock.) They're all so fantastic together, it could even be worth your time to start a new setup of your own.

Here they are:

pygmy cherub angel (~2 in.)
flame hawkfish (~2 in.)
yellow tail black blennny (~3 in.)
false percula clownfish (2 in.)

I'd sell the lot for $60.

The first three were purchased from Abyss. The little clown I've had for 3 years, and I don't even remember where he came from.

I shudder at the thought of them being eaten by a bigger fish - so please take care.