Frag Fest Link

Second Annual BNARC Frag Fest
and DIY Workshop

Sunday November 9th 2008
12:00 - 5:00

Located in Johnny's Reefing Experience - Bloomington/Normal, IL

Our frag swap is intended to promote the propagation and sharing of corals within the reefing community, so come enjoy a day of frag trading and saltwater education in Central Illinois. Used equipment can also be bought and sold at this event. The cost is $5 - Which includes TWO FREE RAFFLE TICKETS (BNARC Members and Children under 12 Free!) Non-members may use their entry fee towards an annual BNARC membership!

12:00 Frag Swap Starts
1:00-1:20 DIY Session 1
2:00-2:30 DIY Session 2
3:00-3:30 DIY Session 3
4:00-5:00 Raffle and Final Buys

DIY Sessions

Session 1 will show you how to make your own refractometer calibration fluid from scratch and how to calibrate your refractometer with the fluid. Feel free to bring your refractometer along, or the club will be supplying small vials of test fluid so you can do it at home. Also, the clubs PAR meter will be on hand to demonstrate how to test your own aquarium for light intensity.

Session 2 is all about Fragging. John from Johnny's Reefing Experience will be demonstarting how do frag and mount a sps coral and a leather coral. He will also have his diamond band saw to demonstrate how to safely frag a favia. The same process applies to acans and anything with large polyps. All frags will be raffled off at the end of the swap.

Session 3 will be the noisy one. We will have drills and blenders out drilling holes and making a great all around reef food. The clubs diamond hole saws will be on hand and if you are a supporting member you can have your tank drilled for free. Mixing everything possible into one reef food will be the goal of making the best all around reef food. The food will then be raffled off at the end.

Stations will be available for YOU to make your own Filter Socks, Reef Blower, and see the process of making a Foam Rock Wall and Aquascaping with Acrylic Rods!


There are THOUSANDS of dollars in raffle prizes, graciously donated by over 20 sponsors. The list keeps growing every day, so check back. Please check out the sponsors page and don't forget to look at the list of prizes on our frag fest page.


$20 table - $12 1/2 table - member - non vender
$25 table - $15 1/2 table - non member - non vendor
$50 table - vendors (vendors are considered any seller with a physical storefront)

Note: Admission included with table purchase and selling used equipment requires a table.

Contact if you are interested in a table, or have any questions or comments.