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Thread: 125 gallon reef tank - initial setup

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    125 gallon reef tank - initial setup

    Will you please confirm this is a workable design?

    I'm not looking for the best, but that this will work fine with any suggestions for moderate improvement certainly welcome.

    This is for a 125 gallon glass tank - roughly 60Lx24hx18w

    Circulation: There are 12 inchs of over flow in each corner of the display tank (6x6) with a 1-1/4 durso standpipe draining into a 1 inch drain. The 1 inch drain will connect into a 1-1/2 tee and then flow into a 20 gallon intake sump (it'll also have an off-shoot to a refugium and a drain for easy water changes). I have 1" returns on both sides of the display tank. I'll have two quiet one 5000 pumps - one for each return in the return sump. With the head loss calculator on this site - of about 7' plus change of head - that should get me close to 710 GPH for each and a total of 1420 GPH combined (I'll have ball valves to throttle output if needed and swing check valves on each). I'll add to this 2 Seio P1000 powerheads in the tank pointing at each other on opposite sides with a combined max flow of 2000 gph (I like that it has magnetic attachments included).

    Ok so far? This will support hard, soft corals, fish, live rock, invert's etc right? From a circulation stanpoint - I know lighting is another matter.

    The intake sump will have a berlin clasic skimmer with a rio 2500 pump with the out flow going to my 18 gallon return sump. There is also a Pentair liquid fluidizer bed mechanical filter with a rio 1700+ pump operating this with the output again going to my return sump. The intake sump is elevated above the return sump with a 1" over flow pipe from it to the return in case the skimmer and mech filter cannot keep up with the total flow -which is likely. I'll have a refugium on the right side of my return sump with a divider that has holes drilled along the top to allow over flow from the refugium to my return.

    Confirmation and all suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    softies no problem and maybe some LPS..SPS you want to shoot for 50x or more turnover in your tank..
    Of course you can put the SPS in the direct flow of some of the power heads...
    Lighting is another question....

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    18g is pretty small. The fuge section is going to be very small with all the baffles or is going to have some serious flow in it.

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