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Thread: Soft Corals and other Octocorals Research

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    Soft Corals and other Octocorals Research

    Non-photosynthetic Corals: They really are hard!by J. C. Delbeek


    Common / Scientific name cross overs

    Tubastrea The Striking Sunflower Coral, by Eric Borneman

    Dendronephthya: A Seduction of Allusions and Illusions, by Eric Borneman

    Struggling with Alveopora and Dendronepthea by Terry Siegel

    The Care and Propagation of Goniopora by Justin Credabel

    Feature Article: The Successful Aquarium Culture of Goniopora Species by Justin Credabel

    Goniopora Success?!, by Rob Toonen

    Goniopora Pix

    High Levels of Toxicity in Goniopora and Other Hard Corals

    The Mystery of Goniopora by Eric Borneman

    Polyps: as Cute as a Button by Julian Sprung

    Everything Else - Soft Corals, Zoanthids, and Corallimorpharians by Eric Borneman

    The Is Leather Optional? By Eric Borneman

    Cnidarians (Anthozoa). By Rob Toonen

    Xennid Corals by Anthony Calfo

    Zoanthids by Eric Borneman

    Colt Coral Propogation by Cougra

    Coral Search....a database to identify corals

    Soft Corals — The Basics by Ron Shimek

    Soft Corals by Ron Shimek

    Fragging Soft Corals by Daniel Knop

    The Corallimorpharians — Excellent Choices for the Beginner

    Sea Mat: An Ocean Of Color For The Aquarium by Blane Perun

    Hexacorallians of the World by Daphne Fautin

    Mushrooms, Elephants Ears, and False Corals: A review of the Corallimorpharia by Julian Sprung


    Growing Gorgonians by Tom Miller

    Caribbean Gorgonians: Beauty in Motion

    Reefslides of Gorgonians

    Sea Fans for Marine Aquaria, the Gorgonians, Order Gorgonaceae, Part 1

    Sea Fans for Marine Aquaria, the Gorgonians, Order Gorgonaceae Part 2

    Caribbean Gorgonians: Beauty in Motion by Julian Sprung
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