Again Hello everyone Im from wisconsin and you guys seem to be the closest place to me , im a reefer, and im doing ok with it , been at it for 6 years now but can never find corals or anything, maybe here and there i find somthing , then find out its sick, so i nurse it back to health and it never grows so i havent had great luck but i still do ok. im looking for a group of people closer to home to maybe trade or buy corals from ..i have a 90 gallon bow front tank , with 500w lights, i dont run a sump or anything , i have 200 gallon filters on my tank to keep it clean with about 5 pumps to move my water protein skimmer. as for live rock i have about 70+lbs fiji, mainly i made one piece of my own which has turned out really well.i have tons of medusa, kenya trees, candy cane, polpys, fish i only have 2 , 6 line wrasse, and some bottom cleaners who drives me nuts, my wife bought it for me. so im looking for others to really start my reef out .. thanks for reading this