Chicagoland Marine Aquarium Society (CMAS) is pleased to announce the 2009 World Reef Conference and Frag Fest, to be co-located with H H Backer’s 43rd annual Pet Industry Christmas Trade Show & Conference on October 3rd & 4th.

WRC09 is a two-day educational conference and Frag Fest for saltwater hobbyists and promises to be the Midwest’s largest reef related conference event in 2009. The location for WRC09 is the Donald Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.
  • Join us for two days of live presentations by top reefing experts, including Eric Borneman, Julian Sprung, Scott Fellman, Marc Levinson (Melev’s Reef), Jeff Turner and our very own Jim Walters of Oldtown Aquarium!

  • If you are interested in the latest aquarium lighting techniques or learning about fish and livestock aqua-culturing, WRC09 is the place to learn!

  • Attend the super popular “Build a Reefball” workshop that will be sponsored by Uberfrags and the International Reefball Foundation. There will also be two terrific DIY and photography workshops at WRC09.

  • Bid on & buy world class livestock in our Saturday Afternoon Live Auction!

  • Get some of the sweetest deals you’ll ever see on everything live, wet or even dry for your reef in our Sunday afternoon Reefers Rule aquatic auction!

  • WRC09 will feature major reef-related raffles on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Every full conference pass includes FREE raffle tickets & you can purchase additional tickets to win any of over 500 raffle prizes!

  • At WRC09, you can visit with the top manufacturers in the aquatic hobby, purchase livestock from any of over fifty top fraggers, meet and talk with fellow hobbyists from around the Midwest, win some great reefing prizes and even take some time to enjoy Chicagoland in the fall!

Oh yea, one more little detail….

For the first time ever, WRC conference attendees will gain access to the H H Backer Pet Industry 43rd annual Christmas show! On Sunday, October 4th, WRC09 Conference attendees can spend a few hours visiting Aquatics Hall. Backer’s Show is the largest and most important pet industry event of its kind and all of the major aquatic manufacturers and wholesalers will be exhibiting there. As a WRC09 full conference attendee, you will be able to see the latest in aquatic hobby products and visit with some of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers in the world.

The WRC09 two-day conference pass will include all speaker sessions, preferred selection of the aquatic workshops, ten free raffle tickets, access to Living Seas Young Reefers Experience, the largest ever Frag Fest, special access to the Backer Aquatic Hall on Sunday, free admittance to Backers famous All-Industry party on Saturday night and lots of freebies. Sign up at

See you at World Reef Conference 09 in October!