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Thread: BNARC Fragtoberfest 2009

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    BNARC Fragtoberfest 2009

    Hi everyone. I wanted to extend an invitation to sell or attend to the members and guests of CIMA. Please contact me or send an email to the address listed below if you would like to sell at our fragfest. Hope to see you there!!

    Third Annual BNARC Frag Fest and DIY Workshop

    Saturday October 10th 2009 11:00-4:00pm

    Location: Holiday Inn
    Bloomington IL 61704

    Our frag swap is intended to promote the propagation and sharing of corals within the reefing community, so come enjoy a day of frag trading and saltwater education in Central Illinois. Used equipment can also be bought and sold at this event. The cost is $5 - Which includes TWO FREE RAFFLE TICKETS (BNARC Members and Children under 12 Free!) Non-members may use their entry fee towards an annual BNARC membership!

    Sellers Fees:
    $20 table - $12 1/2 table - member - non vender
    $25 table - $15 1/2 table - non member - non vendor
    $50 table - vendors (vendors are considered any seller with a physical storefront)

    Whole tables are 6 ft in length
    1/2's will be 4 ft of an 8 ft table

    Note: Admission included with table purchase and selling used equipment requires a table.

    Contact if you are interested in a table, or have any questions or comments.

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    Bump for the Fest and a look at some of the items for the raffle: - ATO
    ATB Skimmers - 1500gph return pump
    Air, Water, and Ice - RODI and 2 $50 gift certificates
    Coral Vue - Lumenbright Retrofit
    Omega Sea - Flake foods
    United Pet Group (Tetra, Instant Ocean, and Marineland) - Flake foods and salt
    Drs. Fosters and Smith - $25 gift certificate
    Bulk reef supply - Deluxe BRS Carbon and GFO Reactors, 1.5lbs of ROX Carbon and 1lb of our HC GFO
    DTs Phytoplankton - 12 bottles of reef blend phyto
    Ecosystem Aquariums - 4 eco mods (maxijet mods) and reef supplements
    XM Lighting - 2 $50 gift certificates - 2 $50 gift certificates
    Icecap - Choice of two MH bulbs or four T5 bulbs - $50 gift certificate
    YZReef - 5 $10 gift certificates
    Marc Weiss Co - Supplements
    Joe's Juice - 2 cases of product (24 bottles of Joes Juice)
    Hamilton Technology - 2 14k 250w mh bulbs, two timers, and two pc bulbs
    Danner Pumps - 9.5 mag drive pump
    Seachem - Supplements
    Reef Nutrition - Pods, pods and more pods

    Come join the fun!!

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