Hey we just wanted to let everyone know that we just got a new shipment of some awesome ORA corals including the new Ice tort (only 1 available), Oregon tort, Red Planet, Green Birdsnest, Birds of Paradise and several others.

We also have lots of great zoas & polyps for all you zoa fanatics. We have some keds reds, fire and ice, eagle eyes, lunar eclipse, blue steel and also lots of others to choose from.

Right now we have a great inventory of beautiful and healthy fish. We recently got
* 2 x Pyramid Butterflys
* ORA Snowflake Clown
* several ORA tank raised yellow assessors
* Tank raised yellow gobies
* ORA tank raised blackline blennys
* Helfrichi firefish
* several Sunburst Anthias
* Flame Wrasses

We also got one EXTRA LARGE Maxima clam, this thing is one of the biggest maximas we've seen in the store in about 4-5 years. Plus it has some unusual colors that just makes this clam beautiful!