Hey DFW reefers,

I was just on vacation with my uncle, who does professional photography. He takes great pictures and has done a lot of travelling for photography and holds many awards for images he has captured. I was asking him about how to take reef pictures under blue actenics and preserve all the color without getting everything 'blue washed.'

We talked for awhile, and I think he is really interested in reef photography now, and wanted to know if I could recommend a place in the DFW area (he lives in richmond, if I remember the suburb correctly, its something like that.) where he could go experiment with taking pictures under actenic lighting.

Thought maybe you guys could recommend a place where there are pretty corals under actenic lights for him to play with, or if any of you want some high quality pictures of your reef tanks, I got the man to do it for you.

Anyway, any suggestions of a place I can send him, or if any of you guys want some good very high resolution photos taking of your reef tanks (for free of course), maybe I could connect you to him.

Please let me know!