Hey guys. Don't have the time to maintain my tank anymore. Need to sell Corals and Livestock ASAP. I live in Hemet CA and don't want to deal with shipping.

Pair of Black Clowns 60.00
2 Pajama Cardinals 30.00
Red Scooter Blenny 20.00
Jesert Goby 15.00
Big Cleaner Shrimp 15.00


Tyree LE War Coral. Over 45 heads about 2x2 frag. 75.00
Duncan with about 7 baby heads 60.00
Red and Green Blasto about 7+ heads 75.00
Big Dendro 40
Small dendro 20
3 huge ricordea pinkish color with green mouth 50.00 for all
Cyphastrea LE japonica purple with green polyps Big frag 75.00
ORA green slimer frag 15.00
various SPS frags 10.00 each
Candy Cane coral
Hot tamale chalice 40.00
Various other chalice's 25.00
ORA Maxima Clam 4" 30.00
ORA squamosa clam 6" 40
ORA derasa clam 3" 30.00
Finger Leather HUGE 30.00
Yellow Figi leater 30.00
Zoa rocks 20.00

Need to sell asap.