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Thread: Attention: If you need berghia nudibranches for astapia glass anomonae plez read

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    Attention: If you need berghia nudibranches for astapia glass anomonae plez read

    Dear AZ salt tank fiends,

    I had a REAL BAD astapia infestation and decided to get the nudibranches that eat the pests..

    Well they work like a charm!!

    I have got EXTRAS now, as they have had many babies in the tank, and are running out of astapia to eat.

    They will soon begin to starve to death.

    Some sites want $30 per bug, outlandish and predatory.. imho.

    I got some, and have a week off til the 21st, and will definately be coming to the valley of Phoenix on the 26th, and also be there part of the 27th of January..2011.

    The cheapest I found them was about $5 per bug, if you bought in bulk..

    Anyhow, if you got a problem with these astapia pests, I got some nudibranches that work like a charm, you just GOTTA BE PATIENT!! About 6 to 9 weeks after introduction you will see a wave of discoloration sweep through the pests, and they will then begi to shrink to nothing..

    Will make a smoking deal for you, and help get you rid of astapia for way reduced price.

    Like pay for my gas down to Phoenix and bit extra, or.. SOMETHING like that.

    TRADE for some REALLY COOL zoanthids???? polyps of some sort?? A cool wrasse, reef safe of course..lets make a

    This isnt a business of mine, just trying to help out some fellow tank keepers if I can, otherwise they will starve to death fairly soon i am thinking.

    Got enough for about 6 dozen to be gathered up..without too much hunting for them I think. They are out in the daylight now looking for more to eat.

    Fairly new to reefkeepers, so not sure how this work for stuff like this..

    Contact me at with a catchy title like NEED YOUR NUDIBRANCHES!!! HELP!!! lol..

    Pravdaseeker.. we will figure it out from there.
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