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Thread: Is ICECAP honoring their warranties??

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    Is ICECAP honoring their warranties??

    Late last year I purchased (and registered the warranty) of a brand new 250 Watt IceCap Ballast. In April it failed.

    I followed the instructions on the official IceCap website and sent it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

    Its been 2 months now and now whenever I call any of their phone number listed on their website, I get an immediate busy signal. Is IceCap still in business or just now answering their service calls?

    Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

    **Currently, I am rotating power input daily on my dual-halide fixture to help get light coverage on my tank.

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    No, as IceCap no longer exists, and hasn't for well over 6 months, maybe more. However, another company, CoralVue, is repairing IceCap issues. I'm unsure if they're honoring warranty issues, by doing the repairs free of charge, but suspect they may. Here's a quote, from Chris, at CoralVue, along with their contact information. Though I'm unsure if Chris will be able to help, with the issue of a ballast that's been shipped to IceCap, already. Wouldn't hurt to contact him though.

    We are now accepting IceCap 430 and 660 ballasts for repair service. Ship’em to Us Today!

    Ship to:
    Vue Technology LLC
    Attn: IC Service
    38190 Commercial Ct.
    Slidell, LA 70458

    *Please ship your ballast to us in proper packing material.

    Repair cost: $60.00 plus Shipping
    Payment: Payment can be made by credit card (Visa, MC or Amex), please include your card number on your note or call us after your ballast is scheduled to arrive.
    Turn around time: 3-4 business days
    Warranty: ONE (1) year from date of repair

    What to include with the ballast:

    * A note stating the problem with the ballast
    * Your name
    * Return address
    * Phone number
    * Email address
    * Form of credit card payment- Credit card #, phone in or email.

    If you have a question pertaining to this service please contact Chris at or by phone at 985-607-8655.

    Vue Technology, LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by IceCap, Inc. IceCap is a registered trademark of IceCap, Inc.
    While this statement pertains to the IceCap 660 and 430, I suspect they'll also repair MH Ballasts.
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