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Thread: Lets talk Bryopsis control....... What has worked for you?

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    I have not had Byropsis return after keeping Foxface and barred rabbits. I also didn't have to put my mag beyond 1500 max to achieve a clean tank. Also, Emerald crabs help where the fish can't reach among the SPS.

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    ugg i talked to the lfs yesterday and they said it would kill all my shrimp snails and crabs and probably bleach my sps, have you guys ever heard of foxfaces working or with slugs?
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    My experiance with rabbitfish was the exact opposite. They were not interested in it. I even with held food for awhile thinking if they got hungry enough, they'd give it a dice.

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    Well I done a Tech-M treatment on my tank. I keep it up over the 1700 mark for over a month. It did put a big dent into it but never killed all of it off. I still have some and its starting to make a return again. The only problem that I really seen was my Ritteri really didnt like it very well. Maybe I might have to do it again but take the Mag out. Maybe I will give it a go again if I can run and get some more Tech-M.

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