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Thread: Sold my Elos...thanks everyone. Still have a sump and the bench though

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    Sold my Elos...thanks everyone. Still have a sump and the bench though

    Just wanted to make sure to tell everyone that I appreciate all the help, advice and friendship I found with fellow reefers over the's a good bunch. It sure feels weird to be "aquarium-less" and the house just seems strangely quiet without a hum of a pump or the gurgle of water. I just watched it get loaded in a van and drive away which was kind of sad. I guess it was just time for us to not be worrying about something else to take care of for a while.

    But I can already tell, I will be building a bigger and better system someday soon LOL So to all you that know me, I will check in and read posts now and then and who knows, you may see me at a local meeting one of these times. I still have the sump and/or the sump bench if anyone needs one.

    Keep up the great tanks


    ...they told me I would have all of this reef tank stuff figured out after a little much time is a little?

    Custom Elos system-(see my thread). Plumbed 20' under the house into the garage located acrylic sump (thank you Jason), Warner Marine AS150 skimmer (mesh modded), Profilux Dosing system, Reefkeeper 2, auto top off, and a testing bench/reef aquarium work area.

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    Tankless isn't too bad . I have been tankless (saltwater that is) for about 3-4 years now. I'm ready to set up another one (have been ready for about a year now) but I keep getting one set back after the other and so I'm just waiting patiently.

    Don't be a stranger! We have many tankless members here that are active and even specialist in certain areas that never owned a tank so hope to see you around and looking forward to your new build whenever it comes along because as you know with this hobby...You can take a break, but once it is in your blood, you always come back one way or the other.
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    Sorry to hear about you having to take down your system. I am in the military so I imagine someday the Army will move me around and the cost of moving my tank will probably cost as much as moving my whole house and my wife will tell me NO! lol. How much do you want for the sump? PM me, I am in the market.

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